National Geographic is collaborating with Sprint to inspire new ideas focused on connectivity and the network of the future. We believe that technology is the next great frontier, and through the CHASING GENIUS: UNLIMITED INNOVATION challenge we hope to inspire breakthrough ideas and innovative solutions that will transform our world.



Additional Information from Sprint

We live in a connected world. With each data-heavy innovation, more and more wireless spectrum becomes necessary to power our lives. Demand for spectrum is exploding. It’s not just smartphones; TVs and other connected devices all need it, too. Sprint intends to lead the way with the most wireless spectrum—and the most commercially available and deployable high-band spectrum today—of any domestic carrier. Connectivity is critical to unlocking advances in entertainment, expanding access to healthcare, and transforming our education system. Sprint believes its spectrum advantage will help power the network of the future, allowing us to imagine a better world, and fuel the game-changing, life-saving innovations of tomorrow.

What is Spectrum, and Where Are You on It?

Wherever we go, most of us are taking once unimaginable possibilities for granted. We’re not only able to talk, text, email, browse online, and plug into social media on the go, we’re also tracking our steps and watching videos and feature-length movies. All the while, we’re traveling on a path whose very existence we’re hardly aware of because it’s invisible to us: it’s called spectrum.

Pairing Potential with Opportunity

There is nothing more powerful than an idea. Yet, without the power to put thoughts into action, many millions of great minds generate brilliant ideas that go nowhere. Mobile networks are empowering visionary companies and individuals who need better connections to create positive global change. What happens when we lose all perception of limitations and connect with our potential? We change our minds, ourselves, and our world.

5G Is Coming Soon. Do You Care? You Should. Here’s Why.

Progress is generally a highly subjective term. But for those who understand what it is and what it means, the advent of 5G is unequivocally good news. As it develops and grows, the next generation wireless network has the potential to create millions of jobs, drive growth, and enable a host of new technologies. Upgrading U.S. wireless networks has been called our most important infrastructure project. It’s actually happening.